Microsoft announces "Windows Server 2008 Foundation"


Microsoft unveiled an interesting new product this week called “Windows Server 2008 Foundation”. This is an entry level server which will only be sold by equipment manufactures such as HP and Dell, as a pre-packaged  hardware and software solution. Though it has several limitations, it should prove to be an ideal product for small businesses with less than 15 users.


The server is basically Server 2008 with a few limitations as listed below. It can function as a stand alone Domain Controller, or join an existing server as a member server or Active Directory Integrated Domain Controller. It can also allow remote access through RRAS/VPN as well as function as a Terminal Server, but will require TS CAL’s if doing so.


The server will likely prove to be a very affordable solution to small businesses requiring a single server for file and print services, access to a Line Of Business application such as QuickBooks, and possibly Terminal Services. It will also be useful to businesses with an existing domain that wish to add a terminal server or remote office domain controller with file and print services, keeping in mind the licensing limit of 15 users applies to the entire domain.



  • 15 users
  • 1 physical process (multiple cores are acceptable)
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 64 bit only
  • No virtualization (O/S must be installed on physical hardware and Hyper-V role has been removed)
  • Limited to 7 languages so far
  • Software is not available for purchase independently, it must be purchased from an OEM pre-installed on the hardware



Microsoft Overview:

Microsoft press release:



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