Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) Blocked from Deploying Security Updates

Source: MSRC

Hi. Bill here.

I want to let you know that we have just posted Microsoft Security Advisory 954960, which contains information regarding deployment Issues with Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) version 3.0 and 3.0 Service Pack 1. Under specific conditions, the issue does not let clients detect any updates from a WSUS server on systems with Microsoft Office 2003 installed.

While the notification of this issue went out as a Security Advisory, this issue is not a security vulnerability in WSUS or Microsoft Office 2003, but it does address customers’ overall security. This issue only affects the ability of client machines to synchronize with a WSUS server.

We encourage affected customers to implement the manual workarounds, included in the Advisory, which enable clients to synchronize with a WSUS server and will be updated when our ongoing work in testing the permanent solution is complete.

This issue is not related to Microsoft Security Advisory 954474 where systems were blocked from deploying security updates using System Center Configuration Manager 2007.


Bill Sisk

Google turns adSense into potential *** distributor

How far is Google willing to go sell advertisements?

Google and Creator of ‘Family Guy’ Strike a Deal

While, “Family Guy” can be funny at times, there’s a part of the show that doesn’t sit well with me as the father of 3 kids – with 1 or 2 more on the way (we’ll find out the exact number on Wednesday!).  I may need to employ a parental chip on all my computers just to block out Google web page spam from here on out.

Call for one more MMS 2008 SWAG bag

Right after MMS 2008 we started the MMS SWAG Bag Matchmakers service.  This worked out pretty well, with a bunch of SWAG bags finding new, loving homes.  I received a note from someone today who is looking for one.

If you have an extra, or one you’re not using and wouldn’t mind giving it up for the cause, drop me an email, using the link on the blog.  It will be going to a good and deserving home – I promise!

Here’s mine, btw.  This bag has turned out to be the best one yet.

MMS 2008 Conference Bag

I used it extensively during Alex’s track season.  It was great for stowing away warm clothes and rain gear in the event the weather turned during a track meet (which it did quite frequently, I might add).

Now, with soccer in full swing, I’m sure I’ll be putting it to an even more rugged test for the next few months.

EminentWare has two WSUS webinars coming up…

EminentWare's WSUS Extension Pack helps organizations enhance their WSUS experience through advanced reporting, discovery and operational management across desktops, laptops and servers throughout the enterprise.

The Topics that will be presented in this Webinar include:

  • Produce out-of-the box Reports including updates, missing patches and services or quickly create your own
  • Repairing the Windows Update Agent without writing scripts
  • Force real-time Download and Install of Updates from the Update Server
  • Using EminentWare's advanced shutdown, Reboot and Wake-on-LAN capabilities
  • Discover Domains, Workgroups and TCP/IP connected Devices and Services
  • Granular Approval Delegation of the Update management process
  • Identify Rogue machines on the network
  • Enable 3rd Party Update


July 16th:

July 17th:

Hired on as head soccer coach for the local high school

I was officially notified today that I am now the head soccer coach for our local high school.  I’m really excited about this.  I interviewed a couple times with the principal and the athletic director, and then sat through a barrage of questions by parents last Thursday night for a couple hours.

Even prior to being notified, I had already scheduled the summer soccer program to start today with weight lifting.  I was the JV coach last year, and was acting as the interim head coach due to the coach from last year moving to Atlanta with his wife and kids for a better teaching job.

The rest of my summer until the end of soccer season is now additionally busy.  We have weight lifting on M-W-F from 8:30am-10:30am, and Open Field on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 8:30am until they kick us off and tell us to go home.  Between the JV and Varsity players, we have close to 33 boys out for soccer for the 2008-2009 season.  That’s great because we barely had enough for two teams last year.

The boys were griping about being wore out today after weight lifting, but I told them that weight lifting days were actually like a day off.  I have some real pain planned for the Open Field days that they would never dream of in a million years.  hehe…I’m already getting into the coaching spirit.

Scalable Software acquires WinInstall from Attachmate

The WinInstall software management application has been passed around like Aunt Betty during early 70’s key party.  But, with the state of the software editing industry right now (*ahem* Acresso/InstallShield), this could be a serious contender of a story to keep monitoring.

And, seriously – who even knew that Attachmate even had it in their software offerings?

Read the press release…