Alex’s quote in the local paper

The Middletown Journal (our local paper) ran a story on the Regional Track meet from this past week.  I mentioned in my last post in the Alex Trent saga, that the paper had interviewed Alex after winning a berth to the State competition.

Here's the story:

And, here's Alex's quote…

Madison runner Alex Trent became the third Mohawk to earn a state trip when he placed third in the 400-meter run. The Madison junior said heading to Columbus seemed kind of surreal to him.

"It's my first time going there, but all of a sudden I'm now a state qualifier! It's a great feeling to have," he said.

After reading it, I was perplexed.  This did not sound like something that would come out of my son's mouth.  So, I found Alex, showed him the paper and asked him about it.  He wasn't upset and laughed it off, but he told me that he didn't say any of it.  The news reporter pretty much made up what he thought would sound good.


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