Intel WS-MAN Translator Beta released and available for download

The Intel WS-MAN translator is a crucial component for providing vPro legacy (less than firmware 3.2.1) support within Microsoft SCCM SP1. The beta of the WS-MAN Translator has been released and can be downloaded from the following location:

The installation and configuration of the WS-MAN Translator is a fairly straight forward process and can be broken up in three key steps: Configuring ISS Certificate, WS-MAN Install & Configuration, and Enabling support for Intel WS-MAN translator within SCCM.

High Level Installation steps & reference documentation:

For additional information on the WS-MAN Translator, please visit the FAQ

Note: The Intel WS-MAN Translator is current in Beta status and not considered a released product at this time.


Source: Intel Communities

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