Alex and buds highlighted in local paper

Meg was talking to my Dad this morning and he said that Alex and his State buddies have a huge picture and article in today’s newspaper.  I guess we’ll have to head out and pick one up.

I found the article online, but they didn’t include the picture.  UPDATED with photos at the bottom.

Here’s the article…

Mohawk trio eager for state trip

Confident Madison athletes say they're ready to give it their all this weekend in Columbus competition.

MADISON TWP. — For the first time in 11 years, Madison has three athletes making their first trip to the state track and field championships this weekend:

• Alex Trent is a quiet runner who lets his feet do the talking.

• Cody Martini is a lanky sophomore who's putting all the intricate moves required in the pole vault together at the right time.

Adam Lewis is a speedy long jumper who is suddenly soaring to new distances.

All three are excited about competing among the state's best on Friday and Saturday, June 6 and 7 in Columbus.

With veteran assistant Warren Elam looking on, Lewis flies through the air in the school's newly constructed sand pit.

A year ago, when Lewis and a few other area competitors were coming close to jumping out of the old pit, Steve Frahley Construction built a longer sand pit and dumped 55 tons of white silica sand in it.

The confidence in the new landing area has helped the Mohawk junior this season, and he went on to win the Southwestern Buckeye League long jump crown.

"I'm just working on my speed coming in and keeping my heels up," Lewis said during Tuesday's practice. "I just feel like I've been putting it all together late in the year."

Lewis had been hanging around the 21 foot, 3 inch mark for most of the season but leapt 21-11 in the regionals last week to qualify. His jump is listed as fourth best among state competitors.

"I'm shooting for the top three (at state)," he said. "And I think I'm very capable of doing that."

Down the way, vault coach Tate Cobb (a 1989 state qualifier) works on Martini's form. A bungee cord across the top is set at 14 feet. Martini, whose best vault of 13 feet came at last week's regionals, is oh-so-close to clearing it.

"In the past, I was the one getting beat by the kids who were doing everything right when they'd vault," Martini, the 2008 SWBL vault champ said. "Now I'm beating them."

Martini is trying to be realistic about his first trip to state, saying he'll take what he gets in hopes of getting back to Columbus the next two years.

"If I place, that's great. If I don't, that's fine, too. I'll be back for sure," he said.

Madison coach and three-time state qualifier Aaron Grant puts Trent through his paces.

Grant, his brother, Rudy, and Craig Vest were the last Mohawk trio to go to state together in 1997.

On this day, coach and pupil are working on Trent's speed in the final 100 meters of the race. Trent admits to being a bit nervous, like the others.

"Yeah, but it's because I don't know what to expect," he said. "I think me and Adam and Cody are ready to show everyone else what we've got," he said.

UPDATED: Here’s the photo in the paper, hanging proudly on our fridge…

Alex_Track_Paper 002 Alex_Track_Paper 001  Alex_Track_Paper 003

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