redfly – im sold for now

i've used the redfly extensively on our trip to alex's state track tourney, and i've come to one primary conclusion — i need a better smartphone. the redfly is great and i'm going to continue to figure out ways to use it instead of my regular setup. its definitely a great, handy traveling device. but, the redfly is really only limited by the power of the smarphone you use. the redfly is basically a dumb terminal, adding keyboard, mouse, video, usb, etc. so, to continue to improve the abilities of the redfly, you simply need to improve the backend engine.

so, i'll be looking for the best smartphone for the situation in the next few days. if you have any suggestions i would appreciate it. i need something with horsepower and windows mobile 6.1.

of course, i'd never turn down a demo unit from some vendor who would like to take advantage of the power of a review.

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