Have you noticed the new community jump-offs on the MS downloads pages?

Microsoft is pushing hard for their own communities.  I don’t know if you’re aware of the recent releases surrounding their social bookmarking and the revamped TechCenter sites, but Microsoft is, once again, on the move to build their own communities around their own products.

Recently, they also started inserting community jump-off statements in their downloads.

Here’s one example from a recent download:

Please direct questions and comments related to the DCM feature and the Configuration Packs to the Configuration Manager – Desired Configuration Management community forum on Microsoft TechNet.

Just something to be aware of.  It’ll be interesting to see how well Microsoft completes their community mission this time.  During our (myITforum.com) 10 years of being a community, others have developed technologies in the community space that Microsoft can either acquire or model themselves after.  This current community push sees Microsoft pulling ideas from a lot of different places to provide an overall social aspect to their sites.  The definition of the word “community” has become muddled severely over the last couple years due to social networking sites (which is not a definition of community, btw).  I hope Microsoft doesn’t take it too far.  Community really is a simple thing, though hard for some people to grasp. Adding more and newer types of technology can stretch the limits of what community members are willing to take.  Building community means working with people, not coding and working with demographics all day long.

The way Microsoft seems so interested in Facebook, I’d look for their new community direction to take that kind of turn in the future (kind of evident already in the social bookmarking aspect), though I really hope it doesn’t.  I don’t want to be Superpoked every time a critical patch is available.

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