The Time sheet from Alex’s State Meet

If you click on this image to view the large image, you’ll see in Green, the fellow that nosed Alex out of 4th place in his heat by 100th of a second at the State meet last week, in the 400m.

Those in Red, are the Qualifiers for the final race, who actually had worse times than Alex did.Alex State Track Sheet Marks

As you know from my earlier blog posts, at State they took the top 4 from each heat (2 heats) no matter who had the fastest times.  We’re in no way upset by this rule, but you have to consider that to have the *best* state final race in the 400m, you’d want the best (or fastest) runners in it.  They made this rule (taking the top 4) due to specific technologies not being in place to handle an automated race.  However, at State, all of the technologies they need for an automated race are in place.  Also, consider that the 400m is the *only* race where this rule applies.  In the 100m and the 200m, the fastest times go forward (not the top 4 finishers).  In the 800m and above (1600m, 3200m) they don’t even have heats or qualifying rounds.  Everyone races together, and the winner is just the winner.

So, this rule only applies the to the 400m which, to me, seems a bit strange.

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