A Yahoo joke of the day…

My son will kill me for this because he believes that puns are the worst form of humor, almost to the point of not being humor at all.  But, here goes…

Q:  Why did Yahoo change their name to Yachoo?

A:  Because they really *are* something to sneeze at.

OK…that was probably really bad.  But, the news surrounding Yahoo, lately, should have everyone at Yahoo worried.  Yahoo has an over-inflated sense of worth apparently, because they turned down a deal with Microsoft that would have kept employees in jobs, because they felt they were worth more.  After reading how much Microsoft offered, and how Microsoft worked the plan so that Yahoo could retain their Yahoo-ness, they should have been glad.  Now, they are jeopardizing their entire business by siding with the new evil in the industry: Google.

Today, I read that a bunch of execs are leaving and Yahoo’s stock prices are plummeting.  Who exactly is running this company?  By the time this is done, the Yahoo business will be worth far less than they thought.  Someone needs to grab a couple folks at Yahoo and shake them until something comes loose.

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