Why Firefox 3.0’s Phishing feature is faster than Microsoft’s?

I posted the other day about how IE7 runs just as fast as Firefox 3.0 if you turn off the automatic Phishing check in IE.

When Phishing is turned on IE7, IE7 contacts a Microsoft server somewhere to check against a database of known bad sites.  It does this each and every time you hit a page, refresh, or click a link, etc.

Well, it appears that Firefox 3.0 does this differently.  The Phishing database is actually updated from Google every 30 minutes or so to the local computer, and when Firefox 3.0 checks a site to see if its in the bad list, the list is actually accessed locally instead of across the Internet.  I’m not saying this is the primary reason why Firefox 3.0 is breaking speed barriers for Internet surfing, but it makes a good case if IE7 runs just as fast if its not contacting a remote server somewhere all the time.

This may be something the IE8 folks needs to keep in mind.

You can read more about how the Firefox Phishing feature works at the following link:


Thanks to Ben Scott for sending this link my way.

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