Alex’s first unsolicited college letter for Track and Field

Wow…it’s started.  Today, Alex received his first college inquiry for his grades and for is Track abilities.  I know I talk about Alex’s feats in Track a lot, but he is actually very smart, too.  I know, this is his Dad talking, but he is in all the Honors classes in school (i.e., Language Arts, Chemistry, German, and Math).  So, he’s not just a draw for colleges because of his athletic abilities, but we’re also looking for potential academic scholarships.

Poor Alex.  He’s away on a youth outing to Tennessee this weekend.  He won’t even know about this letter until Sunday night, when he returns.

Anyway…here’s what came today.  If you click on the images of the actual letter, you should be able to actually read it.

Alex - Waynesurg University 001  Alex - Waynesurg University 002

Alex - Waynesurg University 004  Alex - Waynesurg University 007

Alex - Waynesurg University 005  Alex - Waynesurg University 006

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