InstallShield 2009 gets a service pack just 2 weeks after release

Wow…that’s some interesting timing.  Folks are already wondering if the InstallShield brand will survive with the new company, Acresso.  In a lot of eyes, this sounds like poor planning.

However, it looks like, from the release notes for the service pack, that a big part of the service pack release is to add “Beta” Windows Installer 4.5 Support.  Still, as a company that works with Microsoft as a partner on software management technologies, someone should have thought the release through a bit.  It could have saved the company some money and time to wait a couple weeks and release InstallShield 2009 as a full product, SP1 included.

I see it also adds support for Windows Mobile 6.x installation, which is cool.

Read through the SP1 release notes:

But, here’s the one that’s gonna make me laugh every time I read it. From the release notes:

Support for Adding the Yahoo!® Toolbar to an Installation to Generate New Sources of Revenue for Your Company

InstallShield includes a new Value-Added Services view that lets you incorporate services in your InstallShield installations and be paid when those services are installed or used, according to the services' terms and conditions.

This release of InstallShield includes support for one value-added service: the Yahoo! Toolbar offering. When you participate in this offering, you add the Yahoo! Toolbar to your installation project through the Value-Added Services view. After your end users install the Yahoo! Toolbar with your product, you get paid for every time that they use the Yahoo! Toolbar.

This support is available in the following project types: Basic MSI, InstallScript, InstallScript MSI, and Web.

Its funny on its own.  But, with the shape of Yahoo (stock down, execs flooding the exits, stock holders wanting action)…we’ll see if this turns out to be a good partnership for Acresso or not. 

Just so we’re keeping track, that’s 2 questionable things here shortly for the new company: 1) Yahoo toolbar inclusion and, 2) extremely short service pack cycle.  And, who knows what the “actual” story is about the split from Macrovision earlier this year.  It all just seems “funny”.  Not funny ha-ha, but funny strange.

BTW: Here’s the download page for the service pack:

And, the direct download:

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