Something really neat I did this past week – attended my first-ever Virtual User Conference

Stephen Wynkoop (remember him?  he’s almost like a big brother to has put together an amazing set of technologies that allow for a real-time virtual user conference.  Stephen has captured the ability to give the the same look and feel as a real-world conference, but you get to attend in the comfort of your office and at your desk.

Stephen contacted me last week to give me the opportunity to attend the vConference.  I was amazed.  I’m still amazed.

Here’s a page with a video demo:

…and, here’s a page with all the rest of the details:

If you get a chance to attend one of his conferences, I highly recommend it.

I have a con-call with Stephen this next week to work on putting together a vConference very soon.  I’m really sold on this idea, and particularly how Stephen has put it all together.  The experience is flawless.  You even get to “mingle” with other attendees in the lobby, talk with presenters, and even take a look at vendors’ products in the Expo.  The only things not included is the after-hours get-togethers, the provided meals, the SWAG grab, or the mad rush for the party button.

We’ll see how it all shakes out, but this has definite possibilities and it will be great to work with Stephen again.

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