Call for one more MMS 2008 SWAG bag

Right after MMS 2008 we started the MMS SWAG Bag Matchmakers service.  This worked out pretty well, with a bunch of SWAG bags finding new, loving homes.  I received a note from someone today who is looking for one.

If you have an extra, or one you’re not using and wouldn’t mind giving it up for the cause, drop me an email, using the link on the blog.  It will be going to a good and deserving home – I promise!

Here’s mine, btw.  This bag has turned out to be the best one yet.

MMS 2008 Conference Bag

I used it extensively during Alex’s track season.  It was great for stowing away warm clothes and rain gear in the event the weather turned during a track meet (which it did quite frequently, I might add).

Now, with soccer in full swing, I’m sure I’ll be putting it to an even more rugged test for the next few months.

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