EminentWare has two WSUS webinars coming up…

EminentWare's WSUS Extension Pack helps organizations enhance their WSUS experience through advanced reporting, discovery and operational management across desktops, laptops and servers throughout the enterprise.

The Topics that will be presented in this Webinar include:

  • Produce out-of-the box Reports including updates, missing patches and services or quickly create your own
  • Repairing the Windows Update Agent without writing scripts
  • Force real-time Download and Install of Updates from the Update Server
  • Using EminentWare's advanced shutdown, Reboot and Wake-on-LAN capabilities
  • Discover Domains, Workgroups and TCP/IP connected Devices and Services
  • Granular Approval Delegation of the Update management process
  • Identify Rogue machines on the network
  • Enable 3rd Party Update


July 16th: http://www.myitforum.com/forums/calendar.asp?eventid=175&calDate=2008-07-16

July 17th:  http://www.myitforum.com/forums/calendar.asp?eventid=176&calDate=2008-07-17

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