Want to read a news article? – Well, we want you to see our ads first.

I don’t know about you…but, I really don’t care for the ad intrusion system employed by a lot of sites.  The following from InfoWorld is just one example, but I’ve seen this on a LOT of other sites.  One that caught me tonight was one of the TechTarget web sites (TechTarget is notorious for being one of the worst at ad bombardment technologies and pop-up ads).




I want a cleaner, kinder web.  Do the companies that advertise on these sites realize that folks are not reading the ads, and are turned off by them?  First there’s the aversion to the site hosting the ads (I rarely visit sites like TechTarget because of the ads – the articles simply aren’t good enough to be worth the trouble), then there’s the aversion to the specific company that bought the ad space.

As for pop-up ads, who really see these things anymore?  Pop-up and ad blockers have gotten smart enough to block most of them.

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