App-V ADM Template Now Available on Connect!

The App-V team is excited to make available a RC version of our App-V 4.5 ADM template. It has just been posted over on the Microsoft Connect site (

The template focus is on registry settings that are well suited to controlling via ADM Template/Group Policy infrastructure and are the most likely to be customized. The ADM Template covers over 40 registry settings, including many of our newest features. For example, the ADM Template includes:

  • New flags that allow overriding the location configured in the Open Software Description (OSD) file for the Application Source Route (ASR), the Icon Source Root (ISR), and the OSD Source Root (OSR) with the registry value located on the client
  • New Auto Load settings including when to target apps and what will start an Auto Load
  • New Reporting Configuration options
  • New Client Logging settings like maximum log size and number of copies to keep
  • All permissions settings visible through the App Virtualization Client
  • Disconnected Operation configuration
  • Client user interface settings that control how the Tray behaves

Our ADM Template allows controlling Preferences (not enforced policies). For an explanation of the difference, please see the Group Policy Team Blog. When you import the template, you need to go through the following steps to see it in the Group Policy Editor.

1.       Click on Administrative Tools

2.       Client View on the menu bar. Click Filtering.

3.       Uncheck the “Only show policies that can be fully managed” check box.

4.       Click OK

We hope this template will make it easier to manage App-V 4.5!

– The App-V Product Team

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