Sites that provide active content *only* by pulling in information from other places

Have you seen this?  I’ve seen a lot of it, lately.  To increase Google ad exposure, show activity on a site, increase site stats, and/or appear to be a more active site than it is, some sites resort to pulling in RSS feeds from other places to dupe folks into visiting a pretty non-active site.

Here’s one example.  I caught a cool article headline, entitled: “ConfigMgr and OpsMgr Maintenance Mode” and thought it worthy to click to visit the site and read the article.  Once I arrived at the site, I saw that the actual title of the site itself is called…


Then, at the bottom of the article I wanted to read it says this:

This post originated from and is provided by the MSDN Blogs RSS feed. The original post of the article can be found here.

So, it’s nothing more than a web site that captures posts from Microsoft's MSDN feed and dupes you into initially thinking its an original post.


How many other sites can you find like this?  Maybe we should start a new hall of shame, similar to the Ad Criminals I started recently.

BTW: Same article, different site.  This site is called…


That one makes a lot less sense than the first one.

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