The MAP Toolkit version 3.1, released last week in Houston Texas at the WPC Conference – Deck provided to User Groups

What is the MAP toolkit?

MAP is an agent-less network-wide IT asset inventory and planning tool (formerly known as the Windows Vista Hardware Assessment tool).


Why is it so popular?

  1. MAP provides multi-product coverage (Windows Vista, 2007 Microsoft Office, Windows Server 2008, SQL Server, Hyper-V, App-V (SoftGrid), SCVMM)
  2. It’s Agent-less!
  3. MAP generates comprehensive proposals/reports.
  4. It’s FREE!

Where can I get it?

Where can I learn even more about MAP?

Baldwin Ng, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, has passed along his presentation deck from the WPC conference to all myITforum’ers so you can learn more about MAP.

You can download the deck here in the Shared User Group folder:



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