This is actually a good day for me…

This means I’m getting things done today.  You should have seen that Unread Mail number to start my day…


On Sundays, I never have time to boot my computer so emails generally go unanswered on that day (spend a lot of time at church and participating in other miscellaneous ministries).

Never fear – I’ll get all of these addressed prior to going to bed tonight.  I usually do.

Zander’s SMS tools and the blog…

Roger Zander, famous for his SMS tools like SMS Client Center, has started blogging on so he can readily announce when software updates are available.  In the past, it was kind of hit-and-miss whether anyone knew or not if an update was available.

Yesterday, he announced the “SMS Client Center WebGUI Installation Guide” being published…

and, today he announced that “SMS Collection Commander published

You better check out Roger’s blog regularly to stay on top of these updates.

There’s a couple ways to do it.

1. Bookmark the blog:


2. Grab the RSS feed: