Editing exported custom MPs in the authoring console

Hi all –

Today's tip comes from Robb Dilallo, via Tim Kremer. Robb found that it was frustrating to try to edit an exported custom management pack because he couldn't access the sealed, dependent management pack. He shared the following steps to create a "management pack development environment":

  1. On the RMS, do a search for *.mp in the C:\Program Files directory.

  2. Create a directory in a temporary location.  For example, C:\DEV\SealedMP\.

  3. Copy all the management packs found in step 1 to C:\DEV\SealedMP.

  4. Open the Authoring Console, and go to Tools -> Options.

  5. Select the References tab, and click Add.

  6. Browse to C:\DEV\SealedMP and select Okay twice.

  7. Select Tools -> Import MP from Management Group, and type in your RMS.

  8. Select the custom management pack you'd like to edit.

This removes the difficulty of accessing the dependent sealed management pack. Thanks, Robb!

Source: http://blogs.technet.com/momteam/archive/2008/08/06/editing-exported-custom-mps-in-the-authoring-console.aspx

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