Microsoft already owns 13 percent of the virtualization market

That’s what Paul Paul Thurrott said today in the 08/08/08 edition of the WinInfo Update.


Microsoft Takes First Chunk of Virtualization Market
Hyper-V is so new that we haven't completely taken off the shrinkwrap yet, but Microsoft has already seized a healthy chunk of the virtualization market. The software giant now owns 13 percent of that market, compared with 82 percent for market leader VMware, according to IDC analysts. (Open-source virtualization solution Xen came in third with 3 percent.) To put Microsoft's percentage in perspective, think about how successful everyone tells you the Mac is, and then remember that the 13 percent figure is more than four times higher than the Mac's market share in the PC market and twice as high as the Mac's market share in its most successful market by far, the United States. Yeah, I did just make that comparison. Deal with it.

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