Still no speed dial for IE8, but the Favorites bar will have to do for now

In Maxthon, Firefox, Opera, and even using IE7Pro, there’s a feature I’ve come to rely on, the speed dial.

Speed dial is a configurable page where you can insert regularly visited web sites for easy access.  Here’s a view from Maxthon.


You basically create visual representations of the web sites that you access most often, and clicking on the image whisks you away to the web site.

So far, there is no option or add-on for this functionality in IE8 (unless IE7Pro works with IE8 – I’m scared to try it).  But, the new easy-to-use Favorites bar in IE8 works kind of the same way.  So, I’m using that for now.  But, it would be nice to have this feature back in IE8.  Not a show-stopper by any means, just a personal favorite.

Hmmm…digging further into IE7Pro, it appears that IE8 Beta 1 is, at least, supported:

I might have to give that a try later on.

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