R2 Releases! – with Updated Documentation

The Release 2 add-on for Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 is released today. Keep an eye on it being announced on the System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Web site with details of how to download it.

R2 is available free of charge to customers who have Software Assurance, and it comes with our updated documentation help file (SMSv4.chm). However, everybody can access this latest documentation online from the TechNet Configuration Manager documentation library. The documentation updates include the following:

  • Configuration Manager 2007 R2 features (application virtualization, Forefront client security integration, client status reporting, SQL reporting services, operating system deployment enhancements that include support for unknown computers and multicast).
  • Updates and corrections to the Configuration Manager 2007 and Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 documentation.

For more information about the new features and changes in R2, see What's New in Configuration Manager 2007 R2.

For a list of topics that have had a significant technical change since the SP1 release in May, see What's New in the Configuration Manager Documentation Library for August 2008.

Any topic that has been changed for this release has at the top Topic last updated—August 2008. This includes the topics that have significant technical changes, R2 topics that are new or have been updated for the release (previously preliminary), and also topics that have had minor updates such as non-technical typos and minor clarifications.

You will also find 3 important new topics:

· How to Upgrade the Windows Automated Installation Kit During Site Upgrades to Configuration Manager 2007 SP1

· Troubleshooting Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 Setup

· Step-By-Step Example Deployment of the PKI Certificates Required for Configuration Manager Native Mode: Windows Server 2008 Certification Authority

If you do a search for the last updated date string, you’ll find over 150 topics, so you can see that we’ve been busy improving the Configuration Manager documentation library! We owe a lot of these improvements to customers who contacted us with questions, asked for clarifications, and pointed out omissions and typos – so thank you for helping to improve the documentation for others. We do value your feedback and try to incorporate it when possible.

Keep that feedback coming, and contact us on our usual address of SMSDocs@Microsoft.com.

– Carol

Don’t delete the TEMP or TMP directory on a ConfigMgr client…

J.C. Hornbeck tells why…

Today's tip comes from Vinay Pamnani, a Support Engineer in our System Center Configuration Manager 2007 group.  I didn't see a whole lot documented on these error codes so if you're seeing a 8004402F or a 80041010 then you might want to check where your temp variables are pointing:


Issue: Installing the client seems to fail either using push install or manual install and you find the following in the ccmsetup.log:

MSI: Setup was unable to compile the file ccmclasses.mof
The error code is 8004402F ccmsetup <date> <time> 3052 (0x0BEC)
MSI: Action 10:36:17: Rollback. Rolling back action: ccmsetup <date> <time> 3052 (0x0BEC)
MSI: Warning 25002. Failed to delete
CCM_Service_ErrorHandlerRegistration.Clsid="{0F95BCE5-2209-488a-B4BC-4396AD233C8D}" from CCM
The error code is 80041010 ccmsetup <date> <time> 3052 (0x0BEC)
Installation failed with error code 1603 ccmsetup <date> <time> 3052 (0x0BEC)

You may also see the following in mofcomp.log:

<day> <date> <time> : Parsing MOF file:
(day> <date> <time> 2008.6050109) : (1): error SYNTAX 0X8004402f: Error creating temporary file

Cause: This can occur if WMI is unable to access the TEMP and/or TMP location, either because of permissions or because the path is invalid.

Resolution: In our case, these variables were set to %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp.  To resolve the issue we changed the variable to point to C:\Windows\Temp.  Once we did this the client installation completed successfully.

Issue with latest updated DHCP Management Pack

Steve Rachui talks about the latest flaw and workaround:

After installing the latest DHCP MP customers are seeing an issue where the event log cannot be opened on the DHCP systems.  An event similar to the following is logged


This problem is due to a known issue with the DHCP management pack.  To workaround the issue, disable the Microsoft.Windows.DHCPServer.Library.Server.UnitMonitor.DependentServiceHealth monitor.

Want to know what’s up with Appdeploy.com?

Bob Kelly indicates that the site should be back up, but it is still moving slow today.  So, additional technical issues are being worked on.

However, you can now “follow” what is going on with Appdeploy.com by following the updates on Twitter:  http://twitter.com/appdeploy 


Here’s what Twitter has as of right now…

While the site is largely viewable, submissions are an issue at the moment. Working on the forum now, expect intermittent outages near-term. about 13 hours ago from web


I'll stress the good news: no data loss. However, the site is suffering major performance issues and a solution is still being investigated. about 15 hours ago from web


Everything is as it should be but the original issue of the site slowing down seems to be resurfacing. Cross your fingers for me. about 16 hours ago from web


Not crying victory yet, but things are starting to click. The site is up, but slow– I've got a bit more cleaning up to do… about 16 hours ago from web


Moving back to original (more powerful) server now. The forum may take a bit more work, but the bulk of the site should be up shortly. about 17 hours ago from web


Looks like some db corruption, the good news is the data is OK. Exporting the data to new db files on is looking successful. Up soon?!? about 18 hours ago from web


Working to restore appdeploy.com! After a full 24 hr. outage, a problem in the execution of ASP scripts has us moving to a new server 08:38 AM August 27, 2008 from web