Microsoft rolls out “Lab”casts

What is a labcast? An online presentation with guided video demonstrations where you also get the chance to perform these same exercises on your own hands-on virtual lab that we provide during the session.  As you face challenges in your lab, our instructors virtually take control of your lab to guide you through the tasks, giving you experience-based knowledge on the Microsoft product or topic. (There are no live instructors if you are watching an on-demand version.)

Breaking down the SQL 2008 support for ConfigMgr 2007

Upgrading ConfigMgr 2007 RTM

Upgrading to SQL 2008 for ConfigMgr 2007 RTM version is now supported by Microsoft, but a clean installation is not.  BEFORE the upgrade you must first apply the following Hotfix:  955229

Installing or Upgrading ConfigMgr 2007 SP1

A clean installation (and upgrade) of SQL 2008 onto a ConfigMgr 2007 SP1 box is supported, BUT you must first apply the following Hotfix: 955262