Chrome user or not – watch out for GoogleUpdate.exe

To update Chrome, Google installs a startup app in the HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run key in the registry.

The program is called GoogleUpdate.exe and it seems to run periodically and of its own volition.  If you have Chrome installed, check your processes for this app running.


The interesting thing is that if you uninstall Chrome (which I have gladly) GoogleUpdate.exe still runs in the list of processes (the screen shot above was taken AFTER I uninstalled Chrome.  The Chrome uninstall only took a couple seconds, which surprised me considering how long Chrome actually took to install.  Apparently, it didn’t really uninstall!

I’m currently scouring my computer to see what other remnants of Chrome were left behind.

So, what does Google want with my computer?  Sounds like Spyware to me.

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