Is GoogleUpdate.exe OK to keep on my computer, running at startup? One person thinks so…

My recent identification of a lingering Chrome installation file that continues to run at OS boot even though Chrome was uninstalled, brought on an interesting comment to the post that needs some clarification.  Without researching further into the matter, or even asking any questions to further clarify the situation, this is the response…

Wednesday, September 03, 2008 11:16 AM by Paladin

Hey bonehead…  googleupdate does not specificly belong to Chrome, so it obviously would not uninstall along with Chrome.…/googleupdate.exe.html

its no different than any other update process, like HP, Symantec, Windows, etc.   If you had the google toolbar or the like then it was there before you installed Chrome.

On it’s own, the information in the post is definitely good and has merit.  In certain situations it makes sense.  But, in my case, further clarification would have shown that it doesn’t fit.

So, my response to the comment?

Hey, silly man.  I have never installed the Google toolbar or any other Google app on this computer prior to Chrome.  This computer was Google free until yesterday.  So, you would think that GoogleUpdate.exe would uninstall when I asked Chrome to uninstall, wouldn't you?  Shouldn't it at least, remove itself from the OS RUN key so that it no longer runs at startup?

I made this post hoping to get another response from the mysterious Paladin.  We’ll see.

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