MOM may have had poor adoption but maybe OpsMgr 2007 is getting more traction?

If you’ve watched the activity at web sites that provide articles and support based solely on OpsMgr 2007, you find that there’s very little going on there – at least not as much as those sites who offer coverage on ALL System Center products.  Its been that way since Microsoft acquired the product from NetIQ and and rebranded it first as MOM, and now as OpsMgr.

Watching activity these days, its pretty much the same. One has to wonder, based on community activity and response, if OpsMgr may be a failing product.  From a personal standpoint, I have to base my thoughts on community interaction instead of knowing Microsoft’s sales numbers.  But, that generally falls in line.  And, I’m not basing my thoughts strictly on, but I constantly watch all of the different communities in the System Center space.

Gartner has recently produced a report that talks to the steady improvements of OpsMgr features over MOM and how it might gain better traction in the market.

You can read it online here:

Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager 2007: Still Making Progress in the Market?

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