The “secret” MMS 2008 Hands-on Lab Walkthrough DVD

The DVD that showed up in my mailbox this weekend was a surprise to me, as it has turned out to be a surprise to others who attended MMS 2008.  Apparently, it was also a surprise to some folks at Microsoft, too.  Not that it showed up, but that it showed up AHEAD of schedule.  Since the DVD shipped AHEAD of schedule there was no chance for a major build-up about this DVD release.

The DVD is the result of a secret project that Microsoft has been working on for a while.  The DVD is a culmination of the most popular labs from MMS, with scripted manuals in the format similar to the breakout recordings.

The idea was that while not providing the full hands-on experience, it can at least provide some of the key lessons in a lab. 

The benefits are that:

  • They can be easily shared
    • No issues with massive VHD files and product licenses
  • They take less time to complete
    • The hourglass time has been edited out
    • No time wasted reading instructions
    • o Some 75 minute labs take only 15 minutes to walk-through

Take some time to check it out when you receive it and drop me a line to let me know what you think:  The MMS folks at Microsoft are needing your feedback so they can improve on this offering for MMS 2009.

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