Does your professional demeanor change in the current economy? – just some thoughts…

With lay-offs happening and more looming, and consulting gigs trashed due to the economic landscape of today, how do you promote yourself to stand out in a long line of folks who need jobs and projects?

Does the current economic landscape change how you act and react to customer requests and concerns?  Has the economy affected your professional attitude at all?

I’m sure it will shortly.  Those with horrible bedside manners will probably be the first to be affected.

I can sense a time coming shortly where we’ll have to potentially change our attitudes toward the job and projects.  Maybe, that’s already happening.  Folks are seeing lay-offs all around them and are already starting to dust-off and spiff-up the old resume – just in case.  Some continue to go on as normal without considering that attitudes and reactions could spell doom for their professional career.

Consider that it’s time for professional improvement.  What you could have brushed off casually in the past may be the deciding point of today.

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