REDFLY $199 Promotional Price Extended

Redfly Celio Corp is extending its $199 promotional pricing for the REDFLY Mobile Companion until Monday, November 17th, 2008 allowing more people to get REDFLY at 50% off the MRSP of $399 for a limited time.*

The promotion has been enormously successful by introducing REDFLY to new markets, users and applications. The breadth of user interaction and media coverage has propelled REDFLY into the mobile market spotlight and caught the attention of handset makers, service providers, and application developers.

REDFLY is opening new mobile markets that did not exist before. The reception has been tremendous into vertical markets like healthcare, government, sales force, and service force applications.

Visit for more information on this limited time program and pricing.

Learn more about REDFLY at

Compatible Smartphone Required
REDFLY is compatible with selected Windows Mobile Smartphones, but Celio may support smartphones based on the business case and/or the opportunity size. (Visit to view a full list of supported phones).

Please contact a sales representative at or 1-888-4REDFLY, if you have questions or are interested in support for other smartphones.

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