Users report 30GB Zunes seizing up | Microsoft – CNET News


Looks like the Midwest isn't the only thing that's freezing up this holiday season: many people are reporting their 30GB Zunes are spontaneously going on the fritz as well.

The symptom is reported widely on discussion boards about Microsoft's music player, including,, and ZuneScene. With the problem, people's Zunes reboot but freeze when the startup status bar reaches 100 percent.

Some users reported the problem happened at exactly midnight PST, at the very beginning of the last day of the year, leading some wags to call the problem Z2K after the Y2K problem that was widely feared to cripple the computing industry when computer clocks moved from 1999 to 2000.

"It reset itself. I don't know why," said one owner who posted an account of his Zune problem on YouTube after reporting it on the forum.

Microsoft didn't immediately respond to requests for comment Wednesday morning.

Users report 30GB Zunes seizing up | Microsoft – CNET News

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