Get a REDFLY C7 model for $199 or get two free REDFLY accessories

Get $30 off or two free accessories until Feb 16th!

Leave your laptop behind and get the ultimate add-on for your Windows Mobile Smartphone – The REDFLY Smartphone Terminal.

For a limited time, you can get a REDFLY C7 model for $199 or get two free REDFLY accessories with the purchase of the C8N model. This will be the best investment you make in 2009. Buy your REDFLY now at New to the REDFLY? Take this 3-minute online tour to discover how REDFLY will make everything you do with your smartphone more productive.

REDFLY has received rave reviews from the media and power Smartphone users because of its brilliantly simple yet highly useful design. REDFLY gives you a larger screen and keyboard during those times when a small screen and tiny qwerty just won’t do. Enjoy a laptop-like experience using your familiar applications through the power of your Smartphone. No syncing, no storage, no fuss.

With REDFLY you get an 800×480-pixel widescreen display, up to 8-hours of battery life, a full keyboard, Bluetooth connectivity to your Smartphone, a media port for viewing video and two powered USB ports. Use the USB ports to charge your phone while you work, watch video or access thumb drives through your phone’s file explorer.

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