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Posted on: Monday, February 23, 2009 5:45 PM
Author: Andrew Montgomery
Subject: App-V File Streaming Primer

App-V 4.5 includes a great feature: file streaming. This is a super-easy, lightweight way to get an application published and loaded for use on an App-V client. There are no server or network pre-requisites required so it’s a very low overhead way to quickly get an application up and running.

When would you use file streaming? It’s ideal for any scenario when you don’t want a publishing or streaming server. For example, these situations come up when you’re testing a newly sequenced package, or fine-tuning the prescriptive guidance used; or you might be scoping a problem to be either a server-side issue or a client-side issue: if the problem still happens when you file-stream, the problem is client-side, otherwise it’s likely a networking or server-side issue.

To run through the steps needed to setup file streaming, we’ll keep the application generic and call it “SampleApp”. We assume that you’ve sequenced SampleApp using the App-V 4.5 Sequencer. No special steps are needed during the sequencing process. Here is the output from the Sequencer:

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