offers new sponsorship levels and a full media kit for download

As a vendor who wants to get noticed by the System Center community, do you wonder how to interact on a daily basis with customers and potential customers?  Wonder no more!

Today, has unleashed new Partnership levels, featuring tiered levels designed to work with marketing budgets and your needs and requirements.

In this day and age, it’s tough to know if your message is being heard. makes it easy to understand and simple to know through our completely interactive service.  Advertising on the web has become a daunting task.  Some web sites offer banner placement, and then you are left wondering (hoping) if someone even sees your message. takes your message and blasts it out to a highly targeted group of customers and potential customers who actually WANT to hear your message.  That group, by the way, includes close to 60,000 people in varying company sizes, different management levels, and a huge number of countries.  And, not only do we work within the System Center community to get your message out, but one email or one phone call gets your message out to the world through our direct interaction in today’s social media outlets. 

Stop worrying about how to get the best return for you marketing dollars, jump out here and download the Full Media Kit to get started:

Let us take care of your marketing and get back to building your business.

If you are attending MMS 2009, drop by booth 633 and say “hello”.


All inquiries can be lodged to:

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