Did you catch the announcement? System Center support moving to callback instead of live support

Being embedded in China for a couple weeks, I’m just now catching up on interesting items in the System Center world.

This caught my eye immediately:

Microsoft Support Model Changing for System Center Products

In the blog post they outline that the primary reason for changing to callback support is due to success they’ve already seen for this method in other areas.  What they don’t say is that this also saves money.  The world is trying to catch-up and recoup from a down economy and this move will definitely save support steps which ultimately saves Microsoft money to support its products.

Speaking of which – do you know the single best way to save money on support for your products?  Invest in communities that support your products (incidentally, not spend money to create your own).  Microsoft may be moving to cut support costs now, but what do you think would happen if myITforum.com just dried up tomorrow?  How much more would Microsoft have to spend to beef up their support?  I sometimes think they forget how important 3rd party communities are to their support costs, since we’ve been around and successful for so long. 

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