Access to the Intel® vPro™ Web UI with Active Directory User IDs



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Posted on: Monday, March 30, 2009 4:46 PM
Subject: Access to the Intel® vPro™ Web UI with Active Directory User IDs

In order to access the Web UI of a provisioned Intel vPro system using an Active Directory User ID using Internet Explorer (IE) there are several things to keep in mind.


  1. Ensure that the WebUI check box is selected in the Advance section of the SCS Profile.  Reapply provisioning if you add it after the system is provisioned. Right click on the platform -> Configuration -> Reapply Configuration
  2. Reapply the ACL to the system after you add any user ids.  SCS won’t push it automatically unless you have set the systems to reprovision at a set interval Right click on platform -> Operations -> Set ACL.  You can check the log to see that it succeeded.
  3. Apply the patches found in if the system does not have the latest service pack applied
  4. Enter the registry key found in
  5. Enable integrated windows authentication within IE.
  6. Restart IE and connect to Web UI.
  7. If prompted to login, use the full path for the domain, not the short version in front of the user ID.  I.E.\localadmin instead of corp\localadmin.

I have not tested yet with IE8 though this should work for both IE6 and IE7.

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