In memory…Steve Pruitt

I’m finishing up the awards for MMS 2009 (given at the annual Party) and ran across this again: 


Steve won this community award last year.  It really makes me a bit sad, seeing it.  But, Steve has left a great legacy in this community, and I think he helped instill his same type of dedication and insistence of sharing in others.  Steve had a great testimony.  I’ll always think about him.

Please be in continued prayer for his family.

We just really never know how things will happen, or what will happen in a year’s time.  This community has become such a family over the years, glued together by and the Microsoft Management Summit.  That’s also a funny thing to me, that a silly conference and a silly web site could bring so many people together in such a huge way – it just doesn’t make sense sometimes.  Those who don’t participate in this community miss out on a great deal.  People who sit back and think that is just a web site, miss the big picture.  Those are the folks who think a pretty web site makes a community.  There’s more than just articles, blogs, and web pages.  Here, there’s real people from all over the world who feel like they are a part of something.  There’s people who really care about the health and wealth of this community.

And this just brings me back to Steve.  We lost a great member this past year.  Yet, there are others who are and may be in the same predicament.  Be good to each other, folks.  Have fun at MMS.  Enjoy this community.

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