Track Season resounds with a huge bang tonight!

And, when I say BANG, I mean it.  If you’ve been following my “Track and Field” tag over the years, you read about my oldest son’s speed.  As a Junior last year, he went to state in the 400m only to miss the championship heat by a hair.  This year he’s back at it, and is actually faster than he was last year.  Even though its the beginning of the season, he’s already faster now that he was at the same time last year.  His coach has been working him hard since this is Alex’s Senior season of high school.

Tonight he finally, officially broke the 50 second barrier in the 400m.  His actual time was 40.73 seconds!   OK…but that’s not the huge BANG I’m talking about.

This year, his coach has him running a lot of different races.  On one hand, the team doesn’t have speedwise on the boys team.  On the other hand, his coach is preparing him for a potential college scholarship for Track.  Alex has been running the 200m this year, and tonight ran the 100m for the first time in competition.  Alex came in 2nd in overall time in the 100m.  Alex happened to be in the slow heat, though, so he had no one to run against to push him, and he lost the overall race by mere 10th of a second.  If he had someone to actually run against, he probably would have won.  Yeah, yeah.  I know, proud papa talking.

But, here’s where the BANG comes in.  Tonight Alex ran the 200m.  Not only did he break his own school record with a time of 22.35, but he broke the Waynesville schools stadium record that had been held for 45 years!

Phenomenal!  We’re really looking forward to the season as it progresses, because Alex actually gets faster as the season progresses.  His school record for the 400m is only a few 10th of seconds away, he’s pushing himself in the 100m, and the 200m country high school record is only 2 seconds away.

We’ll see what happens, but I’m getting excited!

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