Who’s who at this year’s Ask the Experts Session at MMS 2009

Each year we hold an annual Ask-the-Experts session at MMS, and each year the session is packed with folks who stop in, ask a question, and get an answer from our Experts.  This is year is no different, and we’ve packed the panel with folks you’ll definitely want to try and “stump” with your questions.

In all seriousness, this is always rated as one of the best sessions because you actually get to interact with the speakers.  You get to bring in your burning questions about System Center products and then go back to work after MMS and fix all your toughest issues.  Of course, no one has to know how you fixed all of your standing issues.  We won’t tell.

On this year’s panel:

  • Greg Ramsey (Dell, MVP)
  • Donnie Taylor (Dell)
  • Tev Sanders (Microsoft)
  • Michael Schultz (Microsoft)
  • Richard Dixon (Microsoft)
  • Sherry Kissinger (Wells Fargo, MVP)
  • Garth Jones (Enhansoft, MVP)
  • Brian Mason (Wells Fargo, MVP)


…and, of course, your host, me: Rod Trent (System Center Community Lead).

Jump out and grab the session details:  http://www.mms-2008.com

See you there!

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