The Alpha Site

We're working steadily to releasing a brand new web site which will give you some amazing new features, streamlined interface, and offer quicker methods for getting your daily fix of all things System Center.  Keep in mind that we're still working on adding, migrating, converting, etc., etc., but the Alpha site is safe to start playing around with.  Right now we're just linking to current pages and technologies, but as we progress new things will start to pop up.  We'll definitely let you know when there's something significant to check out, but for now, feel free to drop out to the System Center LAUNCH page of 2.0 and give us feedback.  We've setup a special email account for your to make comments, suggestions, etc., which is accessible on the System Center LAUNCH page by clicking on the ALPHA SITE graphic at the top right.

There's just so much that goes on at hourly that the old page setup didn't really relay to anyone just how much activity there was.  There is quite a bit of traffic on at any given time.  The System Center LAUNCH page's goal is to show you what's happening at any given minute of the day.  Stay tuned as we change things around and make the site more intuitive for you.

And, since is a *real* community, we are also interested if anyone is willing to get involved in the development of some backend resources on  If you have time to donate to help build the new site into something monumental, just drop us a line. has always been "Powered by You" and now it can also be "Built by You". We've already received some affirmations for help, but it takes a community to raise a web site worthy of such a large and dedicated community as this one.   Drop me a note if you are interested in helping out:

Here's some things we need help with:

  1. Web design
  2. Database (SQL Server) data migrations
  3. Common task automation, such as newsletter creation
  4. Forums moderation
  5. Columnists for the new WYSIWYG article system (btw: the new article system is also tied into the blogs!)

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