Fixing remote redirect downloads in IE8

When you click a link on some web sites to do things like create reports, generate stats in file formats (Excel, PDF, etc.) the link redirects to a generated download, i.e., the download doesn’t come from the specific site where the link resides.  This can cause the download or report generation to fail.  And, there will be no error message – IE8 will act like its working, even open a pop-up window briefly, but then just return to the original web site screen.

You can add the site to the list of for Compatibility View, turn off the pop-up blocker, but the link will still fail.

Users will curse IE8, saying that IE8 broke their favorite web sites but there’s a quick fix.

In IE8:

  1. Click Tools-Internet Options.
  2. Click on the Security tab.
  3. With the Internet zone selected, click the Custom Level… button.
  4. Navigate down to the Downloads section and find the Automatic prompting for file downloads option.
  5. Enable this option and the web links will start working. You may have to close IE8 and reopen it in some cases.

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