Upgrading to Windows 7 – the All Programs fix

For any move to a newer Windows operating system, you’re are going to want to do a clean installation and then migrate your files and apps.  That’s the recommendation.

However, some may be inclined to just do an in-place upgrade.  It happens.

I did an in-place upgrade yesterday from Windows Vista to Windows 7 RC and all of the items in START-All Programs disappeared!

Apparently, there’s a bug or limitation to how many Program items can be displayed in the Windows 7 RC All Programs spot.  If you have over 80 items prior to the upgrade none of them will show up afterwards.

The fix is to consolidate or delete Program items from the list until it is under 80 items.  But, how do you get to the Program items to do this?

  1. Click on the Start button.
  2. Right-click on All Programs.
  3. Choose Open All Users.
  4. Open the Programs folder.
  5. Move listed items into other folders, or delete items in the list until the number of items is under 80.

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