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Posted on: Friday, July 10, 2009 3:01 AM
Author: David Tesar
Subject: Silverlight 3 Deployment and Management


Silverlight 3 has just released to the web and they have a virtual launch event! The big question for IT Pros is how can I deploy and manage it in my environment?

Thankfully, we created a Silverlight deployment guide to give enterprises guidance on the various options available to deploy Silverlight.  In summary you can deploy a new install or upgrade of Silverlight 3 in the following ways:

  • Windows Software Update Services (WSUS) – is an excellent way to deploy Silverlight along with your patches and other Microsoft updates.  Very easy with no configuration of Silverlight necessary. Also, WSUS install or update GUIDs are available in the release history.
  • SMS, SC Config Manager, or SC Essentials – are all great options to deploy Silverlight.  Just create a package to deploy it or utilize the integration of WSUS with SC to assist.
  • Group policy – utilizing startup or logon scripts is an option, but of course requires a bit of scripting and rolling out group policies. 
  • Microsoft Update – allows clients to discover the Silverlight updates when they check for updates via the built-in Microsoft Update over the internet.  This would be feasible for smaller companies where they allow clients to install
  • Advertise the executable – is not a deployment method, but nice to know we support this if you’d like to manually advertise the executable install file via a website, email, etc..
  • Allow the automatic update via the Silverlight built-in auto-updater – is a great option if you have Silverlight installed on non-Windows clients.  Similar to the previous two options, it only works if the users are administrators of their own machine.

As for management of Silverlight, there really isn't much you should need to manage.  However, there are a couple group policies you could use by importing the Silverlight custom ADMX/L file (website).  More settings will be added to this same website as they become available.

Watch the Virtual Launch Event at
Download the Silverlight Deployment Guide
Install Silverlight 3 on your own machine
Watch technical developer videos on SL3 from Ch9

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