ConfigMgr 2007 SP2 Availability…

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Open Public Beta – Currently available here on MS Connect. Go get it!

Release to ManufacturingEnd of October.  This means we have signed off the Service Pack for release, and we send to our Microsoft release process owners to get media and other forms of the product made available for you.

Release to Web –  Also End of October.  RTW means we take the signed off release, and we post to our websites for download.  This is usually done right after we can get RTM signed off, usually a couple of days max.  This is just the service pack, you will still need to install the base product (ConfigMgr SP1). Worldwide replication to all websites can sometimes take a few days, its quick but we have seen delays in the past.

General AvailabilityBeginning of December.  GA is when all of our licensed customers can get access to the full product, slipstreamed media.  Slipstreamed means 1 install of the product will take you right to ConfigMgr SP2, noi need to build up RTM, SP1 then SP2 installs.   

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