Opportunity for myITforum.com columnists and bloggers: Talk Parallel with Intel’s James Reinders in Sept. 24 Live Q&A

Parallelism has arrived, and it’s changing the game for those on the front lines of the end-to-end development cycle. On Sept. 23, Renee James, vice president of Intel’s software and services group, will talk about new software programming initiatives at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco.

The following day, you will have the opportunity to participate in the first in a series of conversations with James Reinders, Intel’s chief software evangelist, to get the deep-dive scoop on what these new developments mean to the software community, and hear more about Intel software’s roadmap for multicore and manycore development.

To review some recent developments, in April Intel announced its intent to commercialize its Ct technology. In May, the industry’s first parallel programming tool for Windows Visual Studio* developers, Intel® Parallel Studio, was launched. Over the past several weeks, Intel acquired technologies and people from Cilk Arts* and RapidMind*. A new "test drive your code for multicore" service will be rolled out this fall, and many other initiatives are on the horizon.


The invitation-only conference call with James Reinders on Sept. 24 will take place at 8 a.m. PST, and he will discuss Intel’s initiatives in-depth, while framing their relevance in response to questions like these:

Threading adoption: When is the right time? When will markets adopt?

Data parallelism verses task parallelism: Is there an ideal blend?

How to combine multiple parallel programming techniques in a single program?

How important is forward scaling?

Is application reliability really at risk with parallel programming? How do we cope?

Should you thread if you don’t need added performance?

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During this event with a select group of industry watchdogs and market makers, you will have the opportunity to ask Reinders questions via live chat. A limited number of virtual seats are available for this exclusive series, so please RSVP to me at talkparallel@parallelstudio.com by Sept. 16 to secure your place on this first call.

I look forward to hearing if you will be able to join us.

The Talk Parallel Team

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