1E Launch Webinar – NightWatchman Server Edition

For over ten years, the market leading PC Power Management solution, NightWatchman, has helped over four million licensed users save millions of dollars in unnecessary energy usage, while simultaneously reducing the huge environmental impact of enterprise PC’s. On the 20th or 22nd October 2009 attend an exclusive 45 minute webinar to see how 1E is addressing energy efficiency in the server and data center environments with NightWatchman Server Edition. Why is NightWatchman Server Edition such a revolution?

  • Useful Work™ allows you to identify when your servers are being productive and when they are wasting energy
  • Drowsy Server® enables dynamic power management based on real-world demand without switching off servers

NightWatchman Server Edition is a quick and simple way to improve environmental performance, working alongside your existing IT infrastructure.

To register for the webinar visit – https://www119.livemeeting.com/lrs/8000180417/Registration.aspx?pageName=2mjrnrblvzb68t8w

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