A voice in the (MMS) wilderness

The Microsoft Management Summit is, by far, the best conference available – anywhere.  Everyone who has attended knows this.  If you’ve attended at least 1 MMS, you know that its a must-attend event.  What makes MMS so special is that its based on community.

The past couple years have been tough for folks getting to attend due to budget constraints.  But, by all accounts it really looks like things are turning around for conferences for 2010, and I fully expect MMS 2010’s attendance numbers to be through the roof.

This community has been part of MMS since its very beginning.  Want to know about the history of MMS?  Drop out to the MMS Wiki to read about it:


As the primary promoter and support of MMS, we’ve always offered to help get you to MMS each year.  This year is no different.  Over the years, I’ve made quite a few phone calls to managers to help them visualize the importance of attending MMS.

If you are having problems getting justification for attending MMS 2010, feel free to use me.  Drop me a note or message, work it out with your manager, and I’ll make the phone call and do my best to help get you to MMS 2010.

Also, don’t forget to review and then forward Henry Wilson’s justification document to you manager:


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