Intel vPro Expert Center Blog: Renaming AMT-Based Computers and Domain Changes in SCCM environment


I have been asked by several customers about the following scenario: I have a vPro system that was provisioned by my SCCM environment and I want to change the system name post this provisioning process.  How does the MEBx information get updated after the OS name change to keep the system in sync?

Intel vPro Expert Center Blog: Renaming AMT-Based Computers and Domain Changes in SCCM environment

Just in time for the holidays – the myITforum shopping portal…

Each year we roll out the fabled myITforum shopping portal graphic.  This year is no exception.  If you jump out to the main page of right now you’ll see the graphic at the top right. 


The majority of people shop at anyway, so we have partnered with to provide a click-through link straight to  But, the link does a bit more than just take you to, it also provides a special link for myITforum’ers so that any purchases you make at during the holidays generates a small percentage of revenue to help’s financial needs.

Financial needs?  Oh yeah.  Did you know that employs 3 people and the site also incurs a significant operating cost during the year for hosting, development, administration, etc.?  Everything to you on is free, and will always stay that way.  But, to keep the lights on we do have financial needs. started small way back when, but has blossomed into the defacto site for all things System Center and Systems Management.  The ever-growing amount of traffic is staggering.  If I showed you the stats you’d probably pass out and wonder how we’ve managed over the years.

So, just a simple icon on the site is a small way for you to give back – without giving back.  Just a simple click through our shopping portal costs you nothing, but provides a good deal of value to us if you use to make any holiday purchases.  It won’t keep the lights on, but it definitely helps.


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Last Day to Submit System Center Influencer Blog Contest Entries

Influencers: Today is the last day to submit your November blog entries for the contest! Blog on "The Microsoft platform and application management with System Center" and email it to for a chance to win a $100 gift card!

Contest Overview:

Contest Rules:

List of content ideas:


And for those of you who want to get a jump on next month's contest, the December theme is "Microsoft System Center Solutions for datacenter management". Blog about this topic and submit your entries to by December 31st. To help inspire you, check out the December Content Ideas.

1e Shopping Application Webinar


Is Your Organization Suffering from Application Sprawl?

Time to go Shopping™ For a Typical ROI of Between 3-6 Months!

Join one of two webinars on Thursday 3rd December and Wednesday 9th December at 16.00 GMT to find out how 1E can help your organization reduce the overall cost of IT, increase operational efficiencies and foster greater energy savings through automation and software license control.

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More About Shopping™

Our self-service provisioning tool Shopping has a built-in application rental feature, which enables individual users to select the application they want when they want it. Expensive applications that are only needed for a short period of time can be temporarily deployed, providing your organization with significant license cost savings.  By eliminating the complexities of software provisioning and automating the request, approval, delivery and license control process, Shopping also dramatically reduces helpdesk support time.

What’s New with Shopping 3.1?

The key new features of version 3.1 include:

· Branch Office Administration – enabling delegation of administrative tasks so that app publication and approval can now be done either centrally or at a branch level, allowing organizations to save costs by delegating systems management control to branch administrators.

· Advanced Category Management – full Interactive directory integration allowing individual departments the right to restrict access to certain applications based upon the PC from which the request is being made

· Increased Platform Support – for a wider range of platforms including Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008

This new release of Shopping 3.1 also offers enhanced scalability and performance, multi-domain and Unicode support enabling application name and description displays in foreign language character sets such as Chinese and Japanese. Shopping is fully integrated with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and Active Directory.

Proven success

By deploying Shopping, our customer Peterborough City Council has seen cost savings in terms of money spent on support calls relating to the availability of new software for users. Similarly, Reed Elsevier* saw productivity savings when it gave individual users the freedom to select and install the authorized applications they wanted.

I look forward to welcoming you on the webinar.

Kind regards


Emily Morbey | Marketing Assistant | 1E

Office:+44 (0)208 326 3497  Mobile:+44  (0)7815 306741 |, Inc.

Black Screen woes could affect millions on Windows 7, Vista and XP


Firstly, there appears to be many causes of of the black screen issue. The symptoms are very distinctive and troublesome. After starting your Windows 7, Vista, XP, NT, W2K, W2K3 or W2K8 PC or server the system appears normal. However, after logging on there is no desktop, task bar, system tray or side bar. Instead you are left with a totally black screen and a single My Computer Explorer window. Even this window might be minimized making it hard to see.

If you have these symptoms you can safely try our free Black Screen Fix. It will fix the most common cause we have seen of this issue.

Black Screen woes could affect millions on Windows 7, Vista and XP

Managing Your Virtual World – Tech Focus November 2009 Part 2 | Media | TechNet Edge


In the previous post “Managing your Microsoft world” the focus was on management of Windows Servers and the applications that run on them regardless of if they are physical machines or virtual machines. This post focuses more on the virtualization infrastructure and looking primarily at Hyper-V and System Center Virtual Machine Manager.

To recap the previous post, System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 or System Center Essentials 2007 are not particular about whether the servers they are monitoring are physical or virtual; both products happily manage servers in either configuration. When you implement virtualization, management of these virtualized servers does not change from when they were physical; maintenance tasks still need to performed, albeit some are handled differently. An example is the task of ensuring there is enough space on the machine’s discs. For a physical server this could mean cleaning up or compressing old files, or buying a new disk. For virtual servers this may mean moving the VHD file to a different storage device so it can grow, or simply creating and add a new VHD file to the virtual machine.

Read more:

Managing Your Virtual World – Tech Focus November 2009 Part 2 | Media | TechNet Edge

The Manageability Guys : More On SCCM and Powershell


I thought I would add to our previous post on Powershell. Powershell can make SCCM admin far easier for repetitive tasks.  To make life really easy we can start creating our own “cmdlets”. Anyone can write their own cmdlets for Powershell but it’s heavy duty coding so we’re going to fake it by adding functions into a profile. Profiles are loaded when powershell starts so the functions created are available at the powershell console. By giving the functions sensible names then using them with powershell makes it seem as if we’ve created our own cmdlets.

The Manageability Guys : More On SCCM and Powershell

Let’s dive deeper in ConfigMgr R3


In the first week of September the ConfigMgr product team announced ConfigMgr R3. This release is delivered to introduce some new features which are also covered in the next version of ConfigMgr which is planned for the year 2011.

In this post I will discuss ConfigMgr R3 in more detail. One of the first announced new features is Power Management.

Let's dive deeper in ConfigMgr R3