Gearing up for the next trip to China…

It’s been a busy time around the Trent house for what seems like forever.  China in March, MMS 2009 in April, local soccer program all summer, a kid starting college on a Track scholarship, a new baby, a daughter turning 16, etc., etc.  So, now that I have a bit of extra time, it’s time to start planning for next year already.

The new year (2010) will bring some awesome things.  MMS 2010 for one, but also, more importantly, our next trip to China. 

We’re planning our next trip to China for March 2010, and we always need assistance in the form of prayers, support, and funds.  If you want something real to support in this day-and-age, check into joining our cause.

We’re using the web site to host our China missions, which also hooks into Facebook (if you use that).  Here’s the permanent URL: 

Feel free to join, ask questions, and please consider donating to a worthy cause.

And, as always, as we travel across China again in March 2010, we’ll keep you updated constantly through Twitter and Facebook.

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